Launch of the Central Asian Studies Center, KIMEP

In November 2010, Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research (KIMEP) is launching a Central Asian Studies Center (CASC). The aim is to create a regional hub for academic and graduate research on Central Asia. The center will generate research and teaching expertise on the region and facilitate international research projects and graduate study programs. This will build interdisciplinary research and graduate teaching capacity in Central Asian Studies through research and innovative graduate-level programs (including Summer Schools, Summer Internships, graduate research).

The functions of the CASC will be multi-pronged and will focus especially on the following functional areas:
Education and Training — developing masters and doctoral-level courses on Central Asia, establishing joint Master’s and Doctoral Degrees (with a Central Asian orientation), providing post-graduate training in the social sciences, in conjunction with partner institutions;
Research — conducting, sponsoring, supporting and publishing research on Central Asia;
Information Repository — gathering, storage and dissemination of information related, to research on Central Asia; and
Network Creation — building a Central Asian research hub that utilizes a network of universities and NGOs across Central Asia and the academic world more generally, for the purpose of organizing regional workshops, specialist seminars, public lectures, and conferences on topical themes related to Central Asia.

If you would like to be on our mailing list, please contact:
Nargis Kassenova
Director of the Central Asian Studies Center / KIMEP